What is the meaning of online travel agency?

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Normally you don’t design the holidays you sell, but you sell package holidays that are put together by a tour operator software. The online travel agency software offers the consumers a variety of different holidays, all of which are put together by many different tour operators. You do not act as a client and take responsibility for the holiday, nor do you (theoretically) put together your own package. You sell travel products sold by the tour operator, which take all responsibility for your holiday.

The Travel CEO brings together all flight and hotel information into a single, divisible itinerary, and also bundles online reviews and contact information into one overview. The travel booking software used by travel agencies allows you to make tailor-made tour bookings for your travel agency clients. Travel CEO is designed for travel professionals, including travel agencies, tour operators and others. 

Travel CEO is the best travel agent system which helps all the travel agents to indulge in the automation of vivid number of modules such as Travel invoice management, Booking Management, Visa Management, Itinerary Builder, etc. These surely organizes all your prospective travel leads in a single place and increase the conversion rates drastically. The online travel agency also helps to change the customer base drastically.

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