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What all you get in Travel CEO?

Lead Management

Organize all your travel leads in a single place and increase conversion rates drastically. View Demo

Invoice Management

Exclusively designed invoices for travel companies with itinerary, Inclusion, Exclusion & etc. View Demo

Booking Management

Comprehensive booking management system from the booking date till the travel date. View Demo

Contacts Management

Manage all types of contacts such as Hotels, DMC, Car Rental, Airlines, Cruise, Customers. View Demo

Multi Currency

Support multi currency options. You can manage payments in any currency in a single place. View Demo

Expense Management

Manage & analyse all your expenses to cut down your operating expenses and increase profits. View Demo


Manage Customer & Supplier payments for every booking with payment due date alerts. View Demo

Profit Management

Simple & Powerful system to track profit for each booking as well as by each sales person. View Demo

Email Alerts

Ample amount of email alerts such as, Missed followup, Today’s followup, Balance Payment & more. View Demo


Store all your itineraries in a Single place and send it to customers in a single click. Unlimited Itineraries. View Demo


Analyse your Leads, Bookings, Expenses with more than 50 parameters in detail. View Demo

Simple & Powerful

One of the easiest CRM in the world. Most of long term customers are tried 2 to 3 CRMS before try us. View Demo

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Travel CEO is proudly announce that we are awarded by one of the most prestigious Travel award in the world. Yes. We were awarded as the Best Travel Management Software 2018 by International Travel Awards @ dubai – UAE on 02-feb-2018

We have received this award only because of our customer’s trust on our product and they help us to improve our product day to day basis in return we are able to offer the world class travel CRM software.

We take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their wonderful support for the last 8 Years. Love you All.

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What is Travel CRM or Travel Agency CRM Software ?

End all Your Customer Management Issues with Travel CRM Software

Customer response and loyalty are critical points for any travel agency to gain a competitive advantage. Assisting organizations in building strategies, Travel CRMemerged as a useful tool that has changed the tourism industry’s market environment. It helps agencies to facilitate data processing and provide solutions to every customer inquiry.

With handy processing of customer data, travel CRM software further assists tour operators in effective lead management and conversion. The tool streamlines and coordinates all the operations as well as manage various parts of the tour through a single platform.

Application of Travel CRM Software

In the travel industry, CRM is applicable for:

  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies
  • Travel Agents
  • Fixed Tour Agents
  • Business Hotels
  • Leisure Centres
  • Full-service Hotels
  • Conference Hotels
  • Speciality Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast Hotels

Uses of Travel Agency Software:

Simplifying customer management for agencies, the travel ERP software has several applications, including:

  • Access to & management of leads from anywhere
  • Creating events as well as schedule calls and tasks
  • Re-build dashboard and generate reports related to customer handling and sales
  • Promote popular destinations through social media and email
  • Organize, track, and trip finances

Benefits of Travel CRM:

Effective customer relationship management through quality tools offers several benefits supporting the growth of agencies.

Hassle-free Data Collection& Management: CRM can be used to gather data from various social media sites like Email, WhatsApp, and Facebook. It captures the required details about customers, allowing customer service representatives to handle incoming calls/queries with ease.

Higher Sales: The data collected in a travel ERP software can be categorized based on customers’ preferences, including a budget, location, and time of travel, among others. The sales department can use this data to improve their efficiency, reduce marketing costs, and earn higher revenue.

Customer-oriented Relationship Management: Since every relationship needs regular communication to sustain, the fact holds for business and customer relations as well. However, at times, travel agencies fail to stay in touch with their customers until they call back. It causes potential leads to fall to competitor’s kitty, leading the business with a loss of revenue as well as credibility.

Travel CRM software helps tackle this situation by making travel agencies to stay in touch with their customers. For the purpose, the tool can be programmed to auto-send text messages or emails for various purposes such as follow-ups, special offers, and promotional deals & discounts, among others.

Final Words

CRM software has emerged as a boon for travel agencies enabling efficient customer management, data management, and lucrative conversions.

What is Travel CEO ?

Travel CEO is a leading Travel Agency Software which helps travel agents and tour operators to automate their day to activities. Travel CEO is built with 10+ modules such as Travel CRM, Travel invoice management, Booking Management, Visa Management, Itinerary Builder & etc.

How much should I invest to use Travel CEO ?

Travel CEO billing is based on subscription model. You can try for 1 month and if you like you can continue. If you feel that this software is not meeting your needs then you can discontinue any time.

Is there any long term contract ?

No. We have monthly, Quarterly, Semi annually and yearly plans available. You can choose as per your convenient

Do you charge any setup fee ?

Currently we do not charge any one time setup fee at the moment. But this offer is valid for limited time. Otherwise the setup cost is approximately USD 450 per company. Hurry up to signup to avail this free setup fee offer.

What is Travel Agency Software ?

Travel agency software helps travel agents to manage their day to day activities to increase their profit margin and cut down their manual effort

What is Travel agency management software ?

Travel CEO is a complete travel agency management software which helps travel agents and tour operators around the world to completely manage their business online. They can access and manage their company anywhere from the world.

What are all Travel CRM Software Feature ?

Top 10 Features that Every Travel Agency Software Must Have

Travel business is different from others with its business models, approaches, and dedicated travel agency software. However, if you are a travel agent, would you select a random tool? Obviously no!

Here are some of the vital parameters and features that you should consider before investing in a tour agency software.

  1. Fast and Mobile Responsive: Today, the world is on a fast-track where everyone is in a hurry and connected through smart mobile devices. So, CRM for a travel agency needs to be fast as well as mobile-friendly. It should be optimized for all types of devices that a user is likely to use for booking on-the-go.
  2. Travel Portal Compatibility: With a variety of travel agency management software available, you should choose the one compatible with your booking portal.
  3. Booking Management System: The software should allow your agency to manage different booking system types including domestic and internati
  4. onal flight booking, domestic car booking, local and international hotel booking.
  5. Secured Payment Gateway Integration: With the increasing use of online transactions, security risks have also risen. It calls for a secure gateway integration if you are allowing customers to book tickets & pay online on your site.
  6. Multi-lingual System: When you take your travel agency online, you expand its outreach to people from different regions with different native languages. A multi-lingual system allows agencies to cater to the entire target audience with ease.
  7. Integrated Hotel Mapping & Destination Tools: CRM must have the feature to integrate the destination and hotel mapping to your site. It helps users to track their destinations and hotel easily.
  8. Easy, Anytime and AnywhereAccess: CRM that uses cloud application is easily accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.
  9. Guest Management: CRM for travel agency must have guest management features. Customer information, including contact details, visa details, and accommodation preferences helps travellers keep track of their bookings. Besides, agencies can also use the data to promote offers as per customer preference.
  10. Flexibility: Travel agency software should be flexible to accommodate the varying needs of the business with time.
  11. Data Security: With a considerable amount of user data stored online, the tool should have strong security preventing any unauthorized access as well as leakage of the same.

This list of vital features can help you enhance the value of your business with a quality tour agency software that attracts more customers and business revenue.

How Travel agency CRM Helps travel agents & Tour Operators ?

Travel Agency CRM impact

For tour & travel operators, the process of booking, cancellation, refunds, and payments can become clumsy at times. To make things simple for agents, travel agency CRM adds exciting features to their operations.

Agents useCRMs to create packages, manage inventory, and group travel queries. These are designed for travel agencies to simplify the process of booking and handling tour and destination packages. Besides, you can also automate the booking process of tours by customers with such a tool through a web portal that supports the growth of your online business.

Why Agents use Travel Agency CRM?

Many travel agents have deployed CRM software at their place for multiple uses as listed below:

  • To efficiently handle back-office accounting tasks
  • For managing two or more channels & locations simultaneously
  • For month on month revenue comparison
  • To control the number of bookings per month as compared to traditional tools

Features of CRM for Travel Agency

A quality tour agency CRM is packed with various salient features which are as follows:

  • One-stop solution for all the needs of an agency
  • Simplified reservation system with interactive, easy-to-navigate, and use UI
  • Offers all customer and package details accessible with ease
  • Automatically adds group discounts wherever applicable
  • Allows customers to book products simultaneously
  • Simplifies selecting pickup/boarding locations for travel plans
  • Keeps track of the balance module like credit and debit balance
  • Allows customers to invite their friends using social media

How Tour Agency CRMHelps Travel Businesses?

Here are a few ways in which a CRM for travel agency helps operators and agents.

  • Integration of Third-party Systems: In addition to a CRM, a travel agency software can include payment gateways, legacy system, accounting system, and other business applications to connect customers and agents globally.
  • Allows Customers to build their Packages: The software also helps customers to create their packages with an option to choose either pre-defined options or customize one as per their needs.
  • For Organizations: It encourages the organization with easy deployment, supports business growth and productivity as well as enables the promotion of hotels, resorts, guest houses, & other products across the travel site.
  • For Back office and Accounting: The software is used to manage bookings, cancellation, and other accounting functions like amount payable/receivable. It helps to keep track of booking and cost reports for agents.

In short, a travel agency CRM assists the company in increasing its business outreach, improving marketing, and customer satisfaction across online platforms.

What are all the Impacts of Travel Software in Tourism & Travel Industry ?

Travel agencies need to manage &promote a variety of services like flight & hotel booking, car rental, and tour packages. A travel agency software makes managing all these easy.

In addition to managing various services including lodging, flights, the software also assists managing other activities like packages, itineraries, payments processing, and tracking the financial state of the organization. It reduces operational costs as well as automates sales, marketing, and finances.

Features of Travel Agency Software

EveryTour operator software is equipped with some salient features including:

  • Ticketing module
  • User management system
  • Dynamic tour option
  • Hotel agreement module
  • Barcode scanner
  • User management system
  • Shopping cart application
  • Payment gateway and coupon code integration

The Need of Tour Operator Software

With technology affecting the lifestyle, more customers are opting to online platforms for ticket booking & travel management. Here, travel software helps:

  • Address increasing number of queries/requests with simplified web-based portals.
  • Simplifies management of tasks like reporting and billing as well as generates performance reports for agents
  • Aids better interaction with options to add package-related videos, pictures, and documents
  • Manage discounts, payment policies, and other promotions
  • Set unit base pricing and range-based costing


How Travel Agency Software Impacts Business?

On the overall, the tool is designed to provide solutions for travel agencies for increasing bookings and business growth. Here are some benefits discussed in brief:

  • For Industry: By automating manual tasks, it saves the time of the company and also speeds up the error correction process. This assists in faster growth for an agency while increasing their profits.
  • For Customers: It allows customers to enjoy an efficient, fast, and easy ticket booking experience. Travellers can either chose to make bookings on their own or take the help of an agent.
  • For promotion: An agency can promote packages, offers, & deals regarding hotels, villas, destinations, and others to encourage sales as well as revenue.
  • Customer Relations: With increased productivity and improved quality of the agency’s services, the software improves the customer service level. This, in addition to customer data for personalized targeting, promotes better customer relations and attracts more travellers.
  • For BusinessTravel agency software helps agents expand their business by allowing insight-based market research. It aids in making lucrative decisions for a tour operating business.
  • Reduced Cost: Automating various tasks minimizes the need for human resources which, in turn, helps reduce the cost of operations.

From increasing the efficiency of travel agencies to reducing the cost of operations, the software helps a business boost sales while putting the industry on a fast-track with improved quality of services.

Is Travel Agency Management Software Must for an Agency?

End Ticket Booking woes for Your Customers with Travel Management Software

Today, thousands of people book their tickets online & due to this, a booking portal gets a high amount of traffic. However, when people face difficulty booking tickets on a particular site, the agency starts losing customers as well as business. Such a problem can be overcome with quality travel management software.

An online ticket booking tool provides users with a platform to plan and manage travel as well as expenses. It simplifies purchasing decisions and record travel expenses, allowing users to book tickets on their own, records of which are shared with accountants and managers.

Features of Travel Management Software:

  • The software is fast, mobile responsive, and secure.
  • It is compatible with different types of portals used by agencies
  • The tool is dynamic as well as flexible to meet evolving business needs

Why an Agency Should Invest in a Tourism Management Software:

  • Integrated Multilingual System: A quality booking software offers travel management services in several different languages. This allows an agency to cater to a wide range of audiences from various regions and language preferences.
  • Time Management: A travel management tool contains features that help to optimize your productivity across several tasks.
    • To do list: The tool generates a to-do list as per your priorities that you can use to plan on what to do and how to complete all tasks while saving time.
    • Mobile CRM: Accessible anytime and from anywhere, the CRM works on a mobile device with the help of an internet connection. You can update your data from any corner of the world.
  • Database Management: It helps to manage the complete data of customers like personal information, pre- and post-sales, records of interactions, and experience, etc.
  • Manage Daily Offers, Packages, and Deals: You can easily manage and promote various offers as well as discounts. It also makes the booking process and managing service history easier. Besides, you can also gather the required information and manage details of business insight reports.
  • Follow-up Management: With efficient tourism management software, you can manage records of interactions between customers and agents. It allows you to set automated reminders to send welcome & thank you emails, supporting profit growth for your business.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A combination of customer-oriented features, the tool helps promote customer loyalty, improve brand image, and attract new customers. This, in turn, helps increases the profit and revenue of your agency.

In short, travel management software optimizes the productivity of agents and removes difficulties faced by customers while booking tickets. Thus, an agency must invest in such a tool to meet varying customer demands & priorities and attract more business.

What is Travel back office or Travel mid-office solution ?

Operations like booking management, reservation management, credit control, accounting, and customer support are a travel agency’s significant concerns. Travel back office system links supplier and sales channels allowing agents to manage inquiries, bookings, customer management, and agent management.

The software allows an agency to administrate the online portal. For this, it collects and arranges all the booking, reservation, and account management data in a readily accessible & understandable back-office system. This data can be used to enhance customer satisfaction as well as employee productivity.

Features of Travel Back Office System

Some of the critical features of a travel back-office software are listed here:

  • General office management
  • Reporting system
  • Quality control
  • Stock system
  • Booking management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human resources
  • Supplier connectivity
  • Auto cancellation
  • Travel front desk interface
  • Single view booking

Functionalities of Travel Back Office Software:

  • Automates post-sales reporting and business rules
  • Defines markup, commission schemes, and other discounts
  • Creates user administration profile

Uses of Travel MidOffice Software:

There are numerous ways in which travel mid-office software can be useful.

  • Simplify manual booking management for travel companies
  • Helps monitor an agency online booking portal
  • It helps efficiently manage daily reports and business operations with booking engines and other tools
  • Can be used as markup for multiple sales channels

Benefits of Travel Back Office System

  • Business Process Management: A back-office software supports multi-location, multi-user, multi-department, and multi-currency views easing reporting and management of the business process.
  • Reduce Sale Complexities: It makes the process of selecting and buying the desired package with easy supported by secure payment methods.
  • Client Management System: It stores data, documents, and user preferences. Besides, it also defines user roles and provides easy access to functions adding, updating, deleting, printing, etc.
  • Supports Multiple Payment Methods: It supports multiple payment methods which include credit card and cash payment, among others. It helps buyers to make payments instantly while booking their tour packages, enhancing business sales.
  • User-friendly: The back-office system comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that includes a dashboard, discount, and user profile administration. Automating manual processes like reporting and management supports the analysis that aids the growth of sales as well as business. With an online administrator portal, it helps manage the company network and sales process as well.

To conclude, a back-office system collects and organizes and arranges all the booking data that can be accessed easily by agents for lucrative decision making.

What is Best Travel Software ?

From land-based agencies to web portals and in-person agents to travel software, technology has significantly transformed how travellers book their journeys today. While only a few agents had a complete package of services available, travel software combines a variety of products on a single platform including flights, hotels, car rental, packages, and more.

Tourism software offers additional benefits by combining salient features, including:

  • Ticketing module
  • User management system
  • Dynamic tour option
  • Hotel agreement module
  • Shopping cart application
  • Barcode scanner
  • Payment gateway and coupon code
  • Reservation management
  • Customized tour packaging

How Travel Software Impacts the Industry?

Travel agent CRM system combines several advanced tech-based features to empower the tourism industry to deliver customer-oriented services.

  • Internet Booking Engine: Internet Booking Engine is an online reservation system that makes the booking process more accessible and straightforward. Customers can view details of their ticket booking and availability. It also helps agencies maintain records of their customers, which can be used to promote special offers and deals.
  • Mobile Travel Technology: Mobility is in trend today, and customers have various travel apps available today that help them plan every step of the journey from planning to ticket booking, hotel booking, looking for popular shopping places, nearby restaurants, and more, etc.
  • Content Management System: It helps travel companies to control all data, information, and content related to their services and customers. It enables an agency to monitor the performance of their website, track and report real-time data, and deliver better services with time.
  • Cashless Payment Option: Online ticket booking software used by the travel agents provides cashless payment options like card-based or UPI-based payments allowing clients to pay as per their convenience and priority.
  • Hotel Bookings: There are a lot of accommodation options available in every city, which makes it difficult for a customer to choose the best option. Availability of web-based guides helps customers to select the best accommodation according to their need and budget.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are the computerized programs that enable delivering instant and personalized customer service. Besides, chatbots also provide fast and accurate replies which are not possible with human staff. This immediate messaging application helps agents enable 24*7 support service for their customers.
  • Data AnalysisTravel software gathers customer information, needs, and preferences allowing agents to strategize according to their target audience’s needs and demands. Agencies can decide their pricing, improve their delivery, and attract more profitable business with insight-based action.

In short, digitization using various software and tools has added numerous technological features to the tourism industry. Using internet-based booking portals available over mobile devices and advanced support solutions like chatbots, travel agencies can significantly improve on service delivery and business growth.

How Travel itinerary planner Software helps travel & tour Operators ?

Itinerary refers to the arrangement of a travel plan covering step by step information related to transportation, sightseeing, and accommodation. Itinerary maker software is designed to assist travellers in planning their travel for business with a virtual agent. The tool provides a pre-planned list of itineraries to enable customers to choose the desired journey according to their requirements.

Features of Itinerary Maker Software:

  • Automatic Booking Process: Itinerary planner software helps customers book their journey to a destined place within minutes.
  • Dynamic And Pre-defined Packages: All the pre-defined packages listed on the tool are dynamic to fulfil the varied requirements of customers.
  • Supports Offline Content: In addition to online service, the software also creates & offers an offline list of packages that can be used by users as per their convenience.

Importance of Itinerary Planner Software

  • Enabling Geo-tracking: The software can be combined with GPS-based location services, making it easier for travellers to locate hotels, cafés, and other locations of interest. It works by tracking the location of the user and shows available popular destinations nearby.
  • Calendar Setup and Synchronization: With this, users can easily sync schedules and travel plans with a calendar app. Thus, with all their travel plans collated in one place, travellers can have peace of mind as they won’t miss any.
  • Push Notifications and Alerts: It sends alerts to the customers regarding trips planned, flights booked, hotels check-in time, delay, cancellation, and other essential details.
  • In-App language translator: To avoid any problems arising out of a non-native language, in-app translator solves their problems by translating messages into a known language of choice.
  • Automated Itinerary SuggestionsTravel itinerary app automatically retrieves past travel details from traveller’s history and offers automated suggestions, saving their time alongside simplifying the booking process.
  • Easy Access to Documents: With a trip itinerary planner, customers can get rid of the mess of handling document like ID card, passport, photos, and tickets. It allows the user to access the digital copies of all their essential documents in one place.
  • Complete Lead History: It helps track the history of activities like itineraries, documents, notes, flight status, and hotel book in chronological order.
  • 3rd Party Service Integration: Services providers like Uber, Ola, and other apps can also be integrated into this tool, enabling users to get an all-in-one solution for their travel needs.

Thus, travel itinerary planner software comes as an excellent tool for travellers, making their trips more interesting with features like geo-tracking, calendar sync, alert notification, and more. Besides, it also helps travel agents add more value to their business.

Why should you opt for Web based or Online Travel agency software ?

The global travel industry has transformed significantly due to a shift in consumer behaviour caused by the emergence of new technologies. Travellers, nowadays, prefer booking their tickets online through a web-based travel CRM with/without the help of a travel agent. Though this has affected the business returns for agencies on the high street, it has also created a new opportunity for agents to multiply their income.

Some of the immediate benefits of booking a journey online include instant service, lesser hassles, and time-saving, among others. Besides, travellers also get access to a higher number of options for airlines and accommodation providers to choose from, which could be available with better deals than what traditional agents can offer.

Cloud Enables Anytime, Anywhere Access

A Cloud-based travel CRM can be accessed remotely via a web browser. It means the CRM can be accessed anytime and from any device with the help of an internet connection. With instant access, it helps to manage the relationship between customers and agents, saves time, and also demonstrates organizational skills.

Importance of Cloud-based CRM

  • It helps to manage the contact information and keep track of all the recent dealings.
  • Cloud-based CRM automates sales &management activities where one can set reminders and share calendar details with team members. Besides, this also helps to manage the follow-up process.
  • It reduces manual activities and enables customers to access information securely from anywhere.

Benefits of Online Travel Agency Software

An online travel agency software gives agents an upper hand in the industry by offering several advantages including.

  • Business Growth: It helps to promote business growth by allowing agents to offer instant access to real-time services. Since customers can find multiple options, verify all the details, and book their journey without much hassle, deploying a cloud-based CRM helps increase sales as well.
  • Reduce Operational Cost: Cutting down on investment required to set up & maintain a land-based agency everywhere, online portals help reduce costs by a significant margin. And, this combined with a more straightforward process attracts more customers, leading to a better business.
  • Customization and individualization: With a web-based CRM for travel agency, agents can offer customized travel packages & plans to customers, personalized to their requirements.
  • Knowledge and Expertise: One can find a myriad of information online across diverse topics covering travel tips, destinations, and more. With such massive data at disposal, online agents can attain expertise over a particular area of interest.

Thus, investing in a web-based travel CRM is the need of the hour for travel agents to sustain in today’s highly competitive market.

What is mostly used Travel software or Tour operator software by travel agents?

Tour Operator Software – ComprehensiveSolution to Manage Travel Business Online

In the travel industry, most of the travellers now use online reservation systems to book tickets, hotels, and cars as well as complete tour packages. Travel agencies use tour operator software to manage and deliver booking services across the world.

tour agency software helps agents manage their inventory, create and offer packages, and improve services with the required travel-related information at their disposal. From making bookings to managing accounts, the software provides useful insights into your travel business.

Choosing the Best Tour Operator Software

With the number of online bookings on the rise, you can find numerous travel booking software available today. However, you should compare a list of essential and service-oriented features as per your need before investing in one. Here are a few important ones to get you started.

  • Lead Management: The software should organize all the business leads in a single place for better visibility and to help you increase the conversion rate.
  • Booking Management: It should allow managing all the booking types like hotels, flights, cabs, etc. for multiple destinations covering the entire journey and also track the booking status.
  • Contact Management: Having customers’ contact information handy is helpful when you need to communicate an important message. The software should let you easily manage & access all the contact details as well.
  • Itinerary Builder: An efficient itinerary maker software offers a list of pre-defined tour packages along with a customization option to help meet travellers’ specific needs.
  • Automated Payments and Follow-up: Automating payments and sending regular reminders to customers regarding payment & booking status as well as journey details goes a long way in achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty while increasing business profits.
  • Travel Invoice: It should allow managing travel invoices for the company, acting as a bill of sale between seller and buyer testifying services sold.
  • Expense ManagementTour operator software manages all the expenses and analyzes it as operating expenses which increase the profit of the business.
  • Reports: Reporting is an essential feature that allows agents to analyze all the leads, expenses, bookings, & more to improve on services, and hence, business.

In short, a tour operator software should offer an all-in-one platform for agents to manage travel booking services from start to end. Travel CEO, one of the popular tools, is cloud-based one that provides minimal installation and setup hassles. In addition to above-given features, the device also supports multi-currency, expense management, email alerts, and more under a simple and powerful UI.

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