Tired of using general client management system ? If yes, Travel CEO has an inbuilt Client profile system which is built exclusively for Travel companies, You can store each and every details of your client, their family, documents such as passport, visa copy, medical documents & etc.

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Import Clients from Excel

Easily import all your clients from excel sheet to Travel CEO software in couple of clicks. Try Travel CEO Now

Automatic Client Addition

Client details are added automatically into your contacts whenever you create new lead or booking. Try Travel CEO Now

Clients Family Hierarchy

Maintain entire client family members details in a single place with their photos, personal & documents.Try Travel CEO Now

Client Documents Storage

Maintain any kind of travel documents in a single place for each client such as passport, visa, insurance documents .Try Travel CEO Now

Client Active Status

Organize your clients such as active, inactive and lost clients based on their activity for the period of time. Try Travel CEO Now

Passport Expiry Reminder

Set a reminder to your client’s passport expiry. Our software will remind you and your clients for the same. Try Travel CEO Now

B2C / B2B / Corporate Clients

Maintain all your B2C clients with family members, B2B clients with executives and Corporate clients in a single place .Try Travel CEO Now

Client Transaction History

You can get complete client’s transaction history for any client for all the years under their profile. Try Travel CEO Now

Client Enquiry History

Track and view all the past enquiries generated by each clients from the day 1 till today. Try Travel CEO Now

Client Management

In Travel CEO Software, The client management module is tightly integrated with other modules such as Lead Management, Invoice, Payments and Bookings. Yes, You can easily track all your clients with complete history of their enquiries received, Business generated, Amount paid to your travel companies in the past.

Not just that You can manage entire complete family hierarchy of your clients in a single place with their travel documents such as Passport Copy, Visa document, Flight tickets, insurance copy & etc.

Client Management

Travel CEO client system offers a simple and very useful client management features. You can manage clients by status such as Active client, In-active client. You have an option to specify if the client is not contacted you for any enquiry or booking for a period then the client status changes automatically. This feature really helpful to identify your in-active clients and retain them. Want to see Client profile feature in action ? Try Travel CEO Now

Client Profile Settings

Travel CEO software offers a client profile settings where you can easily set up a client status for each type of clients such as B2B, B2C and corporate clients. Once you setup time-line for active & in-active client status for B2B, B2C and Corporate clients, Our System keeps moving your client’s status as per the enquires, bookings generated. Try Travel CEO Now

Client Profile System Features

Travel CEO is designed to effectively retrieve and quickly narrow down your pre-existing customers. You can create contacts and categorize accordingly. Such as:

  • DMC / Suppliers
  • Travel Agents
  • B2C Customers
  • Hotels
  • Car Rental
  • Attraction
  • Airlines
  • Cruises
  • Forex / Payments
  • Others
  • Add or move contacts to different category quickly
  • Import contacts directly from your system to the Travel CEO CRM
  • Filter view your contacts and narrow down your structuring for both usability and find ability

Want to take your business to the NEXT BIG Level ?