Click Import leads from Excel from leads section
You can find lead import on the  left side of Leads section

  • No, the report will be generated everyday only in our CRM, not through the mail.
  • With the help of  Lead Statistics Report  ,You can view it in our CRM
  • Billing or pricing depends on the number of users using this software.
  • You can select the package and pay accordingly.
  • Yes , you can categorize it by within 30 days,90 days etc,...
  • You can find Lead status on the left side of Leads section
  • Clicking on Categories , organise all the leads
  • Unlimited leads you can create.
  • No we do not have that option.
  • Lead ID will be created automatically and You can see it in the "Lead view" Page.
  • You can search any Lead by using SEARCH option in leads section.
  • You can search particular lead by Name,Email and Contact number.
  • Click Other Users Lead in Leads section
  • Select the user from pop-up menu.
  • Selected users lead will be displayed.
  • Yes, You can track all your employee’s leads , Follow up history,etc...