No, tour itinerary created by you will not be visible to other travel companies, only visible to you and your users who are using this software.


Yes, the tour itinerary or packages can be viewed by all the users who  are using this software.


Yes ,You have hotel and pricing options in tour Itinerary
  • You can create unlimited packages and save it to the folder as default .
  • Yes ,you can create it in itinerary section.
  • Click Create itinerary.There you can add all the tour package details 

Yes, while creating itinerary you can estimate flight rates, visa period etc.., and you can send it along with itinerary .

  • Once you create Itinerary, it is saved to the folder.
  • From leads section, Click on Action tab.
  • Update lead follow up                      Do you want to send package                     Click Yes.
  • Select the folder you have saved and Click UPDATE .
  • In Follow up History, you can find whether Itenary is sent and mail is opened by customer.