Only Software License Cost and additional user cost according to number of additional users.


No Setup Fee !!!

Unline any other Travel CRM Softare, Travel CEO price is very competitive in the market. We charge very nominal software license cost.


You can subscripe to Travel CEO on monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually. Its your choice.

Currently we do not charge any one time setup fee at the moment. But this offer is valid for limited time. Otherwise the setup cost is approximately USD 450 per company. Hurry up to signup to avail this free setup fee offer.

Absolutely you can add any number of users at any point of time. Your billing amount will be adjusted according to the number of users and software license cost.


Example : You have subscribed for 3 users and you add 2 more users in this month then the price will be adjusted for 5 users for your next billing cylce if it is a monthly plan.


Incase if you have subscribed for Quarterly or Semi annually or Annual plan then the price will be calculated for prorate basis for the additional users and your subscription plan for next billing cycle will be changed according to the number of users automatically.

We have monthly, Quarterly, Semi annually and Yearly billing plans. You can choose which ever is more convenient for you.

Travel CEO is a subscription based software. Once you signedup, Your subsctiption will be active according to the billing cycle you have chosen.

Every user must have unique username to login to Travel CEO software, So, If your company has only one email id with multiple sales employee then its no problem at all.

You can create multiple users with same email ID.  But user name will be unique for each user.  You need to enter Username & Email ID to login to Travel CEO.