Yes. You will get daily upcoming trip email. Which will have all the future booking details.

Yes. You can cancel or reschedule the bookings in a single click. When you do it, there is an option to enter rescheduling or cancellation charges.

Yes. Travel CEO will send an automated balance reminder for your customer. You (Your admin) can customise the email content in Email Notification settings page.

Yes. You can update the payment on multiple divident basis like advance payment, installment 2, installment 3 & etc..

You can generate & Booking voucher to your customer in Booking page. Here is the simple step to send booking voucher

  1. Go to Bookings sections and open the particular booking.
  2. You can see lot of Booking activities/options on left hand side menu, Click "Booking Voucher".
  3. Enter the Hotel / Transport Confirmation number. You add confirmation for multiple hotels .
  4. Click "Generate Booking voucher". You can see the Booking voucher at the bottom of the page.
  5. There is a button called "Send Voucher" just above the generated booking voucher. Click on that Button.
  6. You can review the booking voucher and send it to customer. 

Note : Customer will receive the email with following attachments.

  • Booking Voucher in a PDF File.
  • Invoice Copy with Payment History (Total Payable, Paid, Balance, Balance Due Date & etc).

Yes. Whenever you update /add customer payment in invoice. Your customer will receive cash receipt along with invoice copy on their email ID (which is mentioned whiled creating invoice).

You are required to create a Invoice first and when you update / add first payment  the invoice will be moved from Invoice section to Booking Section.

  • Invoice & Bookings are like a chain process. You can not directly create booking.
  • To  create a booking you need to create invoice first.