• No. Regular user can not see the Payments, Bookings and Profit sections at all
  • Only Admin & Manager can see these sections. 
  • But you ( Your admin ) can make any regular user as a Manager or admin.

Yes. In Travel industry, Most of the bookings happens with multiple supplier.

For example : You have customer (booking) who is travelling to Singapore + Malaysia + Thailand. You are working with a different supplier in each country. So you can  add separate payment for your Singapore Supplier, Malaysia Supplier and Thailand supplier along with the Due date they have given it to you.

Another beauty is that you can enter in a different currency and our software wil take care of the currency conversions automatically.


At supplier payment section, You can add the payable amount to your supplier for every booking with due date. The software will send an automated email alert for before the due date for every supplier payment. This makes sure that you will never miss any payments to your supplier.

Not just that, You can track profit margin for each booking after entering the supplier payments for the booking. The calculation is very simple  Total Profit = Invoice Amount - Supplier Payment.