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Do you want to manage all tour travel operations with the most convenient software?  So here you go with the world’s leading travel CRM software. “Travel CEO”, The Travel management software provides users with a platform for planning, purchasing, and recording travel expenses. Companies will use the software to simplify purchasing decisions and centralize records of their employees’ travel expenses. It will be really beneficial in cutting down all manual work and you can automate the work. Today around more than 1000+ travel agents are using Travel software around the world. It is the world touring software and is the only travel platform your business needs. Simple, intuitive – it’s the way you travel and the way travel should be.

Travel CEO is a tour routing software which basically presents your business with the complete travel management software experience. We combine a simple, elegant interface, expense allocation, and convenient partner integrations to create the only corporate travel platform designed specifically for you. It offers your employees and travelers with fast, real-time access to a range of travel management applications. Travel CEO is a  Travel planning software with very important features that will have the companies to reduce the manual work and also the complexity of the management process.

Lead management is a software keeps you updated regarding the leads. All their status and information is available here, leads status like which are new, positive, follow up accordingly we can work on them. Also, it helps to know leads by travel dates like which are about to travel in the upcoming 30 days or 60 days. It makes easy for the company to work on high potential leads and convert more bookings which can be more efficient for the organization. One can manage their business sitting in any part of the world.

Then next is the Tour itinerary software which is a well-structured component. One can easily schedule and plan the whole tour plans like which are the important destination point along with the days and dates. All the hotel options, along with their price options all will be available also your tour days will be there. With the help of tour ticketing software, you can also create multiple itineraries and can share along with your teams and organize the itineraries with a customized folder. You can Set your resources to include different locations, vehicles, special offers, equipment, and more.

Then another important feature is invoice management. It helps the agent to know the complete information regarding pricing, tour itinerary, inclusion, exclusion and many others. All the other things including tax details, interest amount along with the discount offered. All the details will be available. This software tour & travel system is particularly designed for all the travel agents and companies. Most of the financial aspect of all your booking details one can see here.

The most prominent Booking management system also which makes the process easier and effective. Here you can create multiple bookings and can manage at one platform. You can further modify the bookings as an upcoming booking, next month, next week bookings, etc. Here you can send booking voucher to the customer, can reschedule, can send cash receipt to the customer and also can cancel the booking.

It carries a reporting software also which provide your business with everything it needs from an expense control portal and travel management platform. We ensure your data is accessible when you need it, storing travel logs and audit tracking, and offering reporting tools and automated cost allocation for accurate budget data and maximum spend control. You can analyze the reports based on the performance graph of the leads or employs. This can lead to performance management.

We redefine your entire travel and expenses control system. Travel CEO erases your reliance on convoluted and over-complicated travel systems across multiple platforms. Save on administrative time and costs. Ensure accurate travel expense reporting and allocation. Capture your traveler’s data, confident that you’re using real-time information. Our solution is the fast and convenient alternative already in use with some of the largest businesses around the globe. Make smart change today.

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