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Are you really interested in improving your scheduling system? You have to organize your clients, schedule many activities, and keep to a tight agenda. Luckily, the world’s most leading online scheduling software TRAVEL CEO  is here to help, and you will be amazed at how much time and energy your company will save. It cuts down all manual work and you can automate the work. Today around more than 1000+ travel agents are using Travel software around the world.

This can help to keep track of all your different locations and their specific details, such as how many people can visit at a time and if any additional equipment is needed. Organize different stops into several varying tour routes. It can work as tour reservation software you can keep your staff informed about who will be giving what tour or who will be in what location and when. It helps in simplify working with multiple companies and services by keeping your information updated in one convenient dashboard, connect with customers.

You might be interested in knowing the important features of this Travel agent quote software

Travel CEO is a Travel planning software with very important features that will have the companies to reduce the manual work and also the complexity of the management process. It comprises of following important features like

Lead management
Invoice management
Contact management
Booking management
Report management
Profit management

The very important feature is lead management which can that can help to manage and organize the leads in an efficient manner organizing the lead’s status like which are new, positive, follow up accordingly we can work on them. Also, it helps to know leads by travel dates like which are about to travel in the upcoming 30 days or 60 days. It makes easy for the company to work on high potential leads and convert more bookings which can be more efficient for the organization. One can manage their business sitting in any part of the world.

Then next is the Tour itinerary software which is a well-structured component. One can easily schedule and plan the whole tour plans like which are the important destination point along with the days and dates. All the hotel options, along with their price options all will be available also your tour days will be there. You can also create multiple itineraries and can share along with your teams and organize the itineraries with the customized folder. You can Set your resources to include different locations, vehicles, special offers, equipment, and more.

Then another important feature is invoice management. It helps the agent to know the complete information regarding pricing, tour itinerary, inclusion, exclusion and many others. All the other things including tax details, interest amount along with the discount offered. All the details will be available. This system is particularly designed for all the travel agents and companies. Most of the financial aspect of all your booking details one can see here.

One can also see the amount of profit earned along with payment to suppliers and other financial parameters in the finance option. A report management system is the most prominent system that can help to measure the efficiency of leads, employees along with the graphical representations. report management system where which generates most accurate graphical reports. Reports based on Leads analyzation and booking, employee management, etc. It helps to measure the performance and efficiency. Travel CEO is the best-automated travel management software has many other options which makes travel operations easy.

Hence get ready to make your tour operation system faster and easier with the world’s leading software Travel CEO. Capture your traveler’s data, confident that you’re using real-time information. Our solution is the fast and convenient alternative already in use with some of the largest businesses around the globe. Make smart change today.

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