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Travel CEO is an all-in-one platform for travel companies. One and only travel automated software in the world which provides solutions for travel agents around the globe. Travel CEO is the integrated platform.

How Travel CEO is different from other CRM? Well, Travel CEO is not just a CRM! CRM is just a part of it. Travel CEO is complete automated travel management software. The feature which we provide is precisely and elegantly designed for travel agents. We have a decade of experience in the travel and tours business. Yes! We know the needs and requirements of travel agents. Our Travel agency software greatly helps travel agents to boost their customer service and increase profit. It is quick seamless and cost-efficient. This cloud-based portal is completely secure and advanced which will reduce the cost and effort of an agent and increase sales workflow.

Travel CEO can transform your travel business. Take the advantage of the world’s no. 1 travel agency management software and give the new direction of success to your business.

Our travel management software is web-based that automates and manages your business online from anywhere around the world. Forget about all manual work and power up your workflow with our cloud-based software.

How Travel CEO can transform your business? Let’s explore!

Lead Management:

Lead management is designed to generate new potential business. It’s all about managing all leads equally and constantly. Travel CEO comes with an exclusive feature where you can not only capture leads you can also constantly track their behavior in follow-up history and give them proper attention to make initial sales ready for your company. Lead management is a complex task and we make it easier for you to handle the huge number of leads.

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Travel CEO helps you to create unlimited travel leads. You can import leads directly into travel lead management system, so now it’s not a worry to shift into most powerful travel management engine.

Create new leads exclusively with details such as:

    • Organize your lead status according to the level of progress/ stages
    • Lead status can be organized according to travel date like current, earliest next and next 3 weeks
    • Search, filter or sort it according to your priority like traveler’s detail, journey detail or other details
    • Astonishing and interactive lead dashboard to manage everything with a single click.
    • Record unlimited lead follow-up history
    • Fix meeting with the customer and schedule reminder alerts. Never forget what’s next
    • Generate lead statistics report for company wise or user performance wise. Keep an eye on every minute detail
    • Create lead directly from your website. Just put widget code in your website start generating leads and inquiry directly.
    • We have Lead API for advanced users. Travel agents now have more control over the lead management system.
    • Customize your email while generating a lead or closing a lead which you can send it to the customer like greetings, thanks message, etc.
    • No manual work in invoice create a customizable invoice, Pass the Traveller details from Lead to Invoice creation page in a single click.
    • Keep the record of close leads and generate a report for the following reason:

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Itinerary Management:

Travel CEO is built with collaborative travel itinerary management which is reliable and powerful that helps travel agency to close more sales positively. Delight your customers like never before. Create customized packages locate into desire folder in a couple of minutes. Now, why to worry about the size of your business? It’s a modest and practical solution for small scale as well as large scale business.  Share itinerary within your team or send directly from lead page to multiple customers at a time. Enhance the beauty of the itinerary by uploading destination photos. View or download it to see complete day wise plan in chronological order. Sounds interesting right? Let’s have a quick visual tour.

Travel CEO Unlimited Storage

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Travel Invoice Management:

Invoice or Bills are used for accounting and sales. In Travel CEO you can create invoices that have professional look and feel, and these can be sent via email or downloaded as PDF file. Here you can generate automated multiple invoices which can further be customized according to the agent’s requirement. Our powerful engine enables users to send instant quote and invoice to their customers.

Create your invoice within 2 minutes with the following details. Once you set up later further payment details can be added. Keep updating payment details as per your convenience and payment schedule. Add and edit personal notes along with the invoice you create/update.

Invoice action gives a great ability for travel agencies to update multiple payments (installments) in the invoices.

  • The travel agency can update and edit invoice at last moment changes
  • The travel agency can add any extra services if required
  • Delete unwanted invoices
  • Send invoices via email with your company logo
  • Email to customers and download the file as PDF. Travel Booking Management: Take the advantage of Travel CEO online booking management system for any business which needs scheduling and managing their bookings effectively. If you are close to giving up the best online booking management travel software, then you landed in the right place. Managing a Travel booking is not an easy task. There are hundreds of software that guarantees effective booking management but nothing is not so brilliantly designed to adapt travel agency needs. Travel CEO offers cutting edge technology that can mold into your business that too cost-effectively. What are you waiting for? Just relax, Travel CEO takes care of all your headache.  Following are few important Travel booking software features.
  • Automatic New Booking Creation – Invoices will be converted as Booking upon updating first payment for the invoice.
  • Booking Voucher Section – Generate and store each and every detail related to Hotel, Tour, Car, etc. Generate booking voucher in PDF format and send it through email or send it to multiple customers at once.
  • Manage Customer Payments for Bookings – Multiple payment options with the scheduling feature. Now forget about getting forget. Yes, heard it right. The scheduling feature allows you to set a specific date and time to manage payments and bookings. Why write down the huge notes and store it physically when you have an option to record unlimited notes and see payment history. Send the payment receipt to the customer with one click. Every detail is customizable from your company settings tab.
  • Manage supplier Payments for Bookings – We know the struggle that travel agency suffers for creating multiple payments. We heard it and we provide you with a unique feature i.e. update multiple supplier payments for a single booking. You have an option to set supplier payment amount and balance due date to see in dashboard panel easily.
  • Automated Payment Reminder Email – Reminder for you as well as a reminder for your customer. Travel CEO has bridge the gap between travel agency software a travel agent and the customer. This travel software works for each side. Reminder for balance payment and supplier payments collaborate at one place.
  • Reschedule Booking – Customer is not certain? Changing plans every now and then creates a task more hectic for the travel agents. Reschedule and add notes from any device.
  • Cancel Booking – No additional cost is levied for cancellation charges. Set your own cancellation charge for the customers. If lost, then no loss. Simple as that.
  • Graphical Reports – Generate comprehensive graphical reports based on the following scenariosUser-wise booking report destination-wise booking report, Lead source-wise booking report, Lead Vs Booking ReportContact Management System: Contact management software helps you to catalog, organize, and manage your list of contacts. Travel CEO enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers. You can create contacts and categorize accordingly. Such as:
    • DMC / Suppliers
    • Travel Agents
    • B2C Customers
    • Hotels
    • Car Rental
    • Attraction
    • Airlines
    • Cruises
    • Forex / Payments
    • Others
    • Add or move contacts to a different category quickly
    • Import contacts directly from your system to the Travel CEO CRM

    Filter view your contacts and narrow down your structuring for both usability and findability

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    Customer Payments – You have an option to update any number of payments to each booking until the full amount is paid by the customer

    Supplier Payments – You can record supplier payments for each booking along with amount payable and due date. This helps you to make the payment to your supplier on-time without any delay

    For Example :

    If you have a customer confirmed a booking with your company for Europe Holiday Package. Let’s say he is traveling to France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

    If you are working with a different supplier in each country, then You can update all the 4 different suppliers along with their payment amount and due date in the booking.

    Customer Payment Reminders – Travel CEO Software sends an automated reminder email to customer before the balance due date

    Payment Receivable Reports – You can generate a Payment receivable from your customers in a single click

    Supplier Payment Reminders – Travel CEO Software sends an automated reminder email to you and your team before the due date of your supplier payments for every booking

    Payment Payable to Supplier Reports – This is an amazing feature at Travel CEO which helps you to generate upcoming payment reports payable to your suppliers in future

    Report Variation -You can generate Payment Receivable & Payment Payable report for Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next week, Next Month, Next 3 Months, Next 6 Months & Next 1 Year


    Travel CEO Software can be highly configurable according to your company’s requirements. Here are the few important configuration options. But this is the basic list:

    Email Templates – You can configure the email contents which will be sent to your customer when you do any of the below actions

      • Assigning a lead to your team member
      • Closing lead
      • Creating New invoice
      •  Updating payment for the invoice
      • Sending booking voucher & etc

    User Management – You can create a user for your company and assign them a role such as restricting some of the modules (Payments, Finance, Profit & etc)

    Invoice & Voucher Settings – You will be able to configure the look and feel of your vouchers such as your company logo, Contact details & etc

    Lead Enquiry Widget You can create an inquiry widget according to your website theme and place it on your website or any landing page. Whenever your customer enquires a package, the lead will be created automatically. This saves a lot of your time in creating a manual lead.


    Get complete insights about your travel business with the help of reporting systems in Travel CEO. Following are few of the important reports.

    Lead Reports

    • User-wise lead report
    • Destination-wise Lead report
    • Stage-wise lead report (Sales Funnel)
    • Lead Statistics Systems
    • User wise Lead Management Report
    • Lead Source-wise Report

    Booking Reports:

    • User-wise Booking Reports
    • Tour Destination-Wise Reports
    • Leads Vs Bookings Report

    Other Reports:

    • Expense Management Report
    • Profit Report

    You can manage your entire leads, bookings, invoices, payments and report from anywhere around the world. Currently, Travel CEO is operated by more than 1500+ top travel businesses.

    • 100% risk-free
    • No long term contract
    • No setup cost
    • No hidden cost

    What are you waiting for? Grab the Travel CEO now. Sign up for the free demo access.

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