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New Invoice Creation

Creating Invoices

Follow this sequence to create a new invoice in Travel CEO:

Enter Customer / Traveller Name: Fill the traveler’s name who is traveling.

Customer / Traveller E-Mail ID: Enter the traveler’s email id in this field. The invoice will be sent to this email id.

Customer / Traveller Contact Number: Add a mobile number of traveler. Only one mobile number can be added.

Customer Tax Details: Mention here customers registered tax details. You can leave blank if it’s not relevant to you.

Invoice Due Date:  Enter the last date on which bill should be paid to you by the traveler.

Booking handled by:  Means the traveler should be handled by which user. Select the name of a user from the drop-down list.  (You can manage your users in company setting -> User Management).

Travel Date – Select the journey date of traveler.

Travel LocationEnter the journey destination where the traveler would like to visit.

Travel Type – Select the type of journey like Anniversary, Honeymoon, Study/School, Tour package, etc.

Customer Type – Select between business-to-consumer/ business-to-business.

Currency – Select the accepted form of money which is most convenient to the traveler.

Followed by Price Details which include:

Enter the Service Name in the description. Example: Malaysia land package, Europe travel package, Singapore tourism package, etc.  Service name means the package name which is located in the Itinerary you have created before.

No. of Person- Means the total number of travelers.

Per Person Price- Enter the price charged to each traveler.

Tax- Enter the tax percentage which will be charged to a traveler.

If you want to add an additional service or number of kids along with the adult just click on the green plus icon. An additional row will be added.


Enter Other Charges and Discount if you want to or keep it blank.

Total Payable will be automatically calculated.

Next is entering Tour Iterinanry Details / Travel Details. You have two options for doing this.

  • Option 1: Enter the details manually
  • Option 2: No need to re-enter again. Directly import the data from a previously created itinerary. To import itinerary contents into the invoice click on Click here to import itinerary, inclusion & exclusion from your Itinerary folder
    Select the itinerary folder –> Select Package –> Select the sections to import into an invoice (select: tour itinerary, hotel, inclusion, exclusion or all of them) –> Import

Tour Iterinanry Details / Travel Details includes day wise travel plan. Example: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3… along with each day travel details.

Inclusion means included in the package.


  • 10 nights’ accommodations
  • Transfer from the airport to the first hotel and from the last hotel back to the airport (subject to arrival on the 11thof July and departure on the 21stof July)
  • All touring, entrance fees, outreach activities and lecture material
  • Air-conditioned bus and licensed tour guide, Arise welcome pack, etc

Exclusion means which are not included in the package.


  • Airfare to and from Israel
  • Travel/health insurance (highly recommended)
  • Lunches (except where specified), etc

Make sure you have check mark Add Terms & Conditions. (Terms & Conditions can be customized in Travel CEO company settings).

Now click on Create Invoice to preview the Invoice created. You can download, re-edit the content if require or proceed to send an invoice.

If in case you do not want to send the invoice now, just click on the Invoice tab. The invoice is stored. You can send it later to the customer by clicking on the action button –> Send Invoice, as per your convenience.


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