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New Contact Creation

Create New Contacts

Follow this sequence to create a new contact in Travel CEO:

You have two ways of creating contact

  1. Create Manually
  2. Import Directly from your system
Let’s Discuss how to Create Manually

Go to Contacts section then click on Create Contact.

A pop up window will open enter the following details:

  • Contact TypeSelect the type of contact like is it a Travel Agent, B2B customer, Cruises, etc
  • Company NameEnter the contact’s company/organization name
  • Contact Person Name: Enter the name of contact person
  • Email-ID: Enter the email id of the contact person
  • Contact Number: Enter the mobile number. You add multiple numbers. Just put comma (,) and enter other numbers
  • Country: Country of a contact person
  • CityCity of a contact person
  • Website: Type the business website address of a contact
  • Enter the Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, numbers. If in case contact does not have viber or skype number just put the dash (-) and proceed to submit
Let’s Discuss how to import directly from your system

Go to Contacts section then click on Import Contact.

Below is the format for excel before you import all contacts in Travel CEO

Download Sample File

Now select the Contact Type

Choose the file the excel file to upload.

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